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Yavkin Vyacheslav Grigor'evich, Candidate of geographical sciences, associate professor, sub-department of hydroecology, water supply and water disposal, Chernovtsy National University named after Yury Fedkovich (building 4, 2 Kotsyubinskogo street, Chernovtsy, Ukraine),
Mel'nik Anton Anatol'evich, Candidate of geographical sciences, senior aboratory assistant, sub-department of geodesy, land management and cadaster, Chernovtsy National University named after Yury Fedkovich (building 4, 2 Kotsyubinskogo street, Chernovtsy, Ukraine),

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Background. Flood modes significantly depend on the anthropogenic impacts on the surface of water catchments. The hypothesis of universality of the diagram of the recession phase allows to use the coefficient of hydrograph exhaustion as a sign of basin anthropogenization.
Materials and methods. The authors used the materials of daily flood water consumption of the 81st hydrological section according to the materials of hydrological yearbooks. The researchers processed the information from topographic and thematic maps of land use, as well as the retrospective statistical data of the “Zemproekt” Institute’s departments. The well-known statistical mapping methods are concentrated in the so called basin approach to assessment of land use intensity. The authors considered the spatial and temporal distribution of the depletion rate of the recession curve of the flood hydrograph as an indicator of river basins anthropogenization for Carpathian-Podolsk tributaries of the Dniester in the period from 1930 to 2009.
Results. The reduction in size is displayed by the intense increase in the depletion rate of the recession curve of the flood hydrograph in smaller basins. Its distribution shows significantly higher values for the coefficients of the left-bank tributaries of the Dniester, than for the rest of the territory, which is due to both the physical and geographical factors and the increasing human activity in the region of research. The similarity of anthropogenic changes in the basins of the Carpathian-Podolsk tributaries of the Dniester at the levels of economic development of the basin tributaries of the Dniester by the recession curve of the flood hydrograph for the period of 2001 2009 is obvious.
Conclusions. The authors estimated the features of anthropogenic changes in river basins and their impact (direct or reverse) on the value of the depletion coefficient of the recession curve of the flood hydrograph. The researchers carried out a comparative analysis of calculations by three methods of assessment of human impact on the natural systems in the basins of the Carpathian-Podolsk tributaries. The spatial distribution of the results of calculations by the proposed method was successfully tested by the Hoffmann approaches and sufficiently closely correlates with the assessment of the “Zoe” ecological network (Switzerland).

Key words

recession curve, flood hydrograph, anthropogenic loading.

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